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Welcome to our comprehensive anime article. If you’re wondering if there will be a Season 2 of 7th Time Loop, what its premiere date might be, where you can watch it and much more, you’ve come to the right place – read on to find out more!

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7th Time Loop (7th Time Loop: The Villainess Enjoys a Carefree Life Married to Her Worst Enemy!) is a captivating anime revolving around the character Rishe Imgard Wertsner. She finds herself caught in a time loop, experiencing the annulment of her engagement to the crown prince for the seventh time.

Regardless of her job or location, she always meets the same fate: to die at the age of 20, five years after the annulment. This time, Prince Arnold of the neighboring kingdom of Hyne takes an interest in her. But the Kingdom of Hyne has been the source of all the trouble in her previous loops, causing world war, plague and even her death.

7th time loop fact sheet

Name7th Time Loop
Number of seasons 1
Genres: Fantasy, Romance..
Studio: Studio Kai, HORNETS.
Release date of current seasons: january 7, 2024.
Original material release date: february 7, 2020.

will 7th Time Loop have Season 2?

For now, there is no official announcement about a second season of 7th Time Loop. The first season of the anime is based on the light novel series written by Touko Amekawa. As of December 2023, six volumes of the light novel had been published. This suggests that there could be enough material for a possible second season.

7th Time Loop season 2 release date

7th Time Loop season 2: Release date

Given the popularity of the anime and the availability of the source material, there is a possibility of a second season. However, without an official announcement, it is difficult to predict an exact premiere date. Hypothetically, if a second season were to be announced soon, it could premiere sometime in 2025 or later.

Where to watch 7th Time Loop

7th Time Loop is available for streaming on Crunchyroll. It is also expected to be available on Netflix, Prime Video and Hulu starting January 12, 2024.

The cast

This is the main cast of 7th Time Loop:

  • Rishe Imgard Wertsner: Ikumi Hasegawa.
  • Arnold Hein Nobunaga Shimazaki
  • Theodore: Mariya Ise
  • Oliver: Shun’ichi Toki

Stay tuned for more news about 7th Time Loop and its possible second season.

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