šŸ„‡Will ARCADIA have season 2?怐Release Date怑

Are you a fan of the ARCADIA series and eagerly awaiting the next season? You’re in the right place! In this article you will find the latest news and details about the second season of ARCADIA. So, let’s get to work!

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ARCADIA is a Belgian-Dutch science fiction television series. The series focuses on the lives of a family whose citizenship score allows them to lead a good life. However, everything changes when it is discovered that the father of the family has falsely maintained the high citizenship score of two of his daughters in order to protect them.

Will there be a second season of ARCADIA?

Good news for fans of the series, ARCADIA will indeed have a second season. The announcement was made a few days after the premiere of the first episode.

Arcadia Season 2: Premiere Date

Although the exact premiere date of ARCADIA season 2 has not yet been announced, we can make an estimate based on how long it took to finish the first season. Since the first season premiered on March 19, 2023, we can expect the second season to premiere by early 2025.

Where to watch ARCADIA?

At the moment, ARCADIA can be seen on VRT 1.


The cast of ARCADIA consists of a talented cast:

  • Monic Hendrickx as Cato Christiaans
  • Gene Bervoets as Pieter Hendriks
  • Abigail Abraham as Milly Hendriks
  • Lynn Van Royen as Luz Hendriks
  • Melody Klaver as Alex Jans
  • Ellie de Lange as Hanna Jans
  • Maarten Heijmans as Marco Simons
  • Natali Broods as Lena Harms
  • Boris Van Severen as Hans
  • Thomas Ryckewaert as Rein Roelofs
  • Ann De Keersmaecker as Arcadia stem
  • Aus Greidanus as Simon Simons
  • Ward Kerremans as Jeroen
  • GabriĆ«l Opdebeeck as Mats
  • Wim Opbrouck as Jaak Philips
  • James Wauters as Mats
  • Lukas Bulteel as Willem Dieters
  • Mustafa Duygulu as Damiaan ‘Dax’ Xaverius

We will keep you updated on the news of the second season of ARCADIA.

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