Will there be a second season of Dog Signal? Release Date

The anime world is buzzing with anticipation about the possibility of a second season of the popular series Dog Signal. If you’re one of the many fans eagerly awaiting news about it, you’ve come to the right place. In this article, we’ll delve into the details of the anime, its source material and the likelihood of a second season. Read on to find out more.

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Dog Signal is an anime series revolving around the life of Miyu Samura, a young man who unexpectedly becomes a dog trainer. After his ex-girlfriend leaves him with a dog he doesn’t know how to take care of, Miyu’s life takes a turn when he meets Shinichiro Niwa, an expert dog trainer. This chance encounter sets Miyu on a path of personal growth and transformation, resulting in a moving and engaging story.

Technical Details

NameSignal for dogs
Number of seasons1
GenreLife Stories
Production StudioFugaku
Season 1 Release Dateoctober 22, 2023
Original material release datejuly 24, 2018

Will there be a second season of Dog Signal?

As of now, there is no official announcement about a second season of Dog Signal. The first season of the anime was based on the manga series written and illustrated by Saya Miyauchi. The manga has been serialized since July 2018 and had ten volumes as of October 2023.

It is unclear to us whether there is enough source material left for a second season, however, given the popularity of the anime, it is possible that a second season is in the works. If we receive news on this, we will communicate it as soon as possible.

Dog Signal Season 2: Release date

Given the popularity of the anime and the availability of source material, there is a possibility that a second season is in the works. However, without an official announcement, it is difficult to predict a concrete premiere date. If a second season were to be greenlit soon, we could optimistically expect it to premiere in late 2024 or early 2025.

Where to watch Dog Signal

As of the latest update, Dog Signal can be seen on NHK Educational TV. For viewers in South and Southeast Asia, the series is licensed by Medialink and will be streamed on YouTube through Ani-One Asia.


These are the main characters and their voice actors in Dog Signal:

  • Miyu Samura: Played by Kensho Ono
  • Shinichiro Niwa: Voiced by Kenichi Suzumura
  • Ritsuka Izumi: Voice of Yuuko Kaida
  • Suzunosuke Kubo: Voice of KENN

Stay tuned for more news about Dog Signal and its possible second season. Remember that the anime world is full of surprises and a new season could be announced at any time. So don’t lose hope and, in the meantime, enjoy re-watching your favorite episodes!

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