Will Fellow Travelers have season 2?【Release Date】

Are you a fan of the historical romance series Fellow Travelers? If so, you’re probably wondering if there will be a second season. This article will provide you with the latest information about Fellow Travelers Season 2, its possible premiere date and where to watch it. So, let’s get to it!

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Fellow Travelers Plot

Fellow Travelers is a captivating series that follows the lives and volatile romance of two different men, through purges, wars, protests and plagues, overcoming the obstacles of the world. The series is based on the 2007 novel of the same name by Thomas Mallon.

Will Fellow Travelers have Season 2?

At the moment, Fellow Travel ers has not been officially renewed for a second season. However, its creator, Ron Nyswaner, has not ruled out a second season. The decision to renew the series will likely depend on the audience and ratings of the first installment.

Fellow Travelers Season 2: Premiere Date

If the series is renewed, and given the premiere pattern of the first season, we could expect Fellow Travelers season 2 to premiere around October 2024. However, this is purely speculative and we will have to wait for an official announcement.

Fellow Travelers season 2 release date

Where to watch

Fellow Travelers can be watched streaming on various platforms. In the United States and Canada, it is available on Paramount with Showtime. For viewers in Latin America, Spain and other countries, the series can be seen on Paramount Plus.


The cast of Fellow Travelers includes a talented ensemble of actors:

  • Matt Bomer as Hawkins ‘Hawk’ Fuller
  • Jonathan Bailey as Tim Laughlin
  • Noah J. Ricketts as Frankie Hines
  • Will Brill as Roy Cohn
  • Andy Milne as Andre
  • Jelani Alladin as Marcus Gaines
  • Linus Roache as Senator Smith
  • Allison Williams as Lucy Smith
  • Chris Bauer as Joe McCarthy
  • Christine Horne as Jean Kerr
  • Matt Visser as David Schine
  • Chelsea Russell as Stormé
  • Erin Neufer as Mary Johnson
  • Keara Graves as Miss Addison
  • Jane Moffat as Helen

Stay tuned for more updates on Fellow Travelers Season 2!

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