Will Harry Wild to have Season 3?„ÄźRelease Date„ÄĎ

Are you a fan of the mystery series Harry Wild? If so, you’re probably anxiously awaiting news about Harry Wild Season 3. In this article you will find the latest news and speculations about the possible third season of this popular series. So, let’s get to it!

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Harry Wild is a captivating TV series revolving around a newly retired English teacher, Harriet “Harry” Wild, who discovers her gift for research. She can’t help but meddle in the cases assigned to her police detective son. The series is set in Ireland and has successfully completed two seasons.

Will Harry Wild have Season 3?

At the moment, there is no official confirmation about Harry Wild Season 3. However, given the popularity of the series, it would not be surprising if a third season is announced in the future. In addition, the series finale left several loose ends that could be tied up in a sequel. For now, we can only wait for an official confirmation.

Harry Wild season 3 release date

Harry Wild season 3: Premiere date

Although there is no official premiere date for Harry Wild Season 3, we can make an estimate based on the premiere pattern of the previous seasons. The final episode of season 2 aired in November 2023, so if the production schedule follows a similar pattern, we could expect season 3 to premiere sometime in 2024.

Where to watch

For viewers in Latin America, Spain and the United States, Harry Wild is available streaming on platforms such as Acorn TV, AcornTV Amazon Channel, Spectrum On Demand, AMC Plus Apple TV Channel, AMC and Hoopla. You can also buy it on platforms such as Apple TV, Google Play Movies and Amazon Video.


The cast of Harry Wild includes a talented ensemble cast:

  • Jane Seymour as Harry Wild
  • Rohan Nedd as Fergus Reid
  • Paul Tylak as Glenn Talbot
  • Kevin Ryan as Charlie Wild
  • Rose O’Neill as Lola Wild
  • Amy Huberman as Orla Wild
  • Stuart Graham as Ray Tiernan
  • Rosa Willow Lee as Liberty Reid
  • Danielle Ryan as Vicky Boyle
  • Anthony Delaney as Jordan McDonald
  • Ciara O’Callaghan as Vivian Mitchell-Tiernan
  • Shane Lynch as Malky Reid
  • Samantha Mumba as Paula Kenny
  • Esosa Ighodaro as June

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