Where to Watch Life on Mars, Is it on Netflix?

Are you a fan of the Life on Mars series? If so, you’re probably wondering where you can watch it. In this article we bring you the latest news on where to watch Life on Mars and if it’s available on Netflix. Let’s dive right in.

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What is Life on Mars about?

Life on Mars is a captivating TV series that follows the story of Sam Tyler, a detective who, after being hit by a car in 2006, mysteriously finds himself in the year 1973. He works for Greater Manchester Police’s predecessor, Manchester and Salford Police, in the same location as in 2006. The plot revolves around the ambiguity of Sam’s situation, as neither the audience nor the character can be sure if he has died, fallen into a coma, or legitimately time-traveled.

Where to watch Life on Mars?

Life on Mars can be viewed on various platforms depending on your location. In the United States, the series is available on Amazon’s BritBox channel and Apple TV’s Britbox channel. Unfortunately for Spain and Latin America the series is not available on any streaming platform at the moment. However, stay tuned for updates as we will be updating this post with relevant information.

  where to watch Life on Mars netflix

Is Life on Mars on Netflix?

At the moment, Life on Mars is not available on Netflix, despite this, it is not entirely ruled out that the streaming platform will get the rights to broadcast the series and add it to its catalog. We will have to wait patiently for an official announcement in this regard.


The main cast of “Life on Mars” includes:

  • John Simm as Sam Tyler
  • Philip Glenister as Gene Hunt
  • Liz White as Annie Cartwright
  • Dean Andrews as Ray Carling
  • Marshall Lancaster as Chris Skelton
  • Noreen Kershaw as Phyllis Dobbs

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