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Shiguang Dailiren, also known as “Link Click,” is a popular anime series that has captivated audiences around the world with its unique blend of science fiction, mystery, and drama. As fans eagerly await the continuation of this gripping story, the question on everyone’s mind is: Will Shiguang Dailiren have a Season 3? And if so, when can we expect it to premiere? This article aims to answer these questions and more. So, let’s get started!

Shiguang Dailiren, also known as Link Click, is a Chinese anime series about Cheng Xiaoshi and Lu Guang, who run a small shop called “Time Photo Studio”. They offer a special service to their customers: using their extraordinary powers, they can enter photos and experience the events surrounding the moment the photo was taken.

This ability allows them to help their customers resolve regrets and uncover secrets. But every time they enter a photo, they run the risk of changing the future.

Shiguang Dailiren season 3

Will Shiguang Dailiren have season 3?

As of yet, there is no official confirmation of Shiguang Dailiren Season 3. However, given the immense popularity of the series and the fact that the second season ended with many unresolved storylines, it is very likely that a third installment is in the works. Fans are eagerly awaiting any news or updates in this regard.

Shiguang Dailiren Season 3: Release Date

Looking at the premiere pattern of the previous seasons, Shiguang Dailiren Season 1 debuted on April 30, 2021, and Season 2 premiered on July 14, 2023. Given this pattern, it is reasonable to expect that if a Link Click Season 3 is greenlit, it could premiere in early to mid-2024.

Where to watch Link Click

For viewers in Latin America, Spain, and the United States interested in catching up on Shiguang Dailiren or re-watching their favorite episodes, the series is available for streaming on Crunchyroll.

Shiguang Dailiren is produced by Bilibili and BeDream. The series has been licensed for distribution by Funimation. It has been dubbed into several languages, including English, Arabic, Italian, French, Brazilian Portuguese, European Spanish, and Latin American Spanish.

In conclusion, while we wait for official confirmation on the third season of Shiguang Dailiren, fans can continue to enjoy the first two seasons on Crunchyroll. Stay tuned for updates.

Shiguang Dailiren Season 3: Release Date

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