Luz: The Light of the Heart have a season 2?【Fecha de Estreno】

Are you a fan of the series Luz: The Light of the Heart and eagerly awaiting its second season? Then you’re in the right place! In this article you will find the latest news and updates about the awaited Season 2 of Light: The Light of the Heart, what could be its premiere date, where to watch the series and more. So, let’s get to work!

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Luz: The Light of the Heart is a captivating series that introduces us to Luz, a curious and energetic schoolgirl. Raised by a kind Kaingang family, Luz embarks on a quest with her firefly companion to learn the truth about her roots. The series beautifully unfolds Luz’s journey as she grows up surrounded by indigenous knowledge and values.

Will Luz have Season 2?

At the moment, there is no official announcement on the status of Luz: The Light of the Heart Season 2. The series has neither been confirmed for renewal nor cancelled at the time of writing. However, given the popularity of the first season, fans are already wondering when they will be able to watch the second season.

Luz: The Light of the Heart season 2 release date

Luz season 2: Premiere date

If Light: The Light of the Heart is renewed for a second season, fans could see it on screens in mid-2025 or late 2025. This date is an estimate based on the time it took to finish the first season.

Where to watch Luz: The Light of the Heart?

Light: The Light of the Heart is available on Netflix. Therefore, if there is a second season, it is likely to be released on the same platform. So, whether you are in Latin America, Spain or the United States, you will be able to enjoy this captivating series on Netflix.


The cast of Luz: The Light of the Heart features notable talents such as:

  • Marianna Santos as Luz
  • Celso Frateschi
  • Mel Lisboa
  • Marcos Pasquim
  • Claudia di Moura
  • Dandara Albuquerque
  • Gabriel Cano

Each of these actors brings their characters to life, adding depth and authenticity to the series.

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