Will Single, Out have Season 2?【Release Date】

Are you a fan of the series Single, Out and eagerly awaiting its second season? You’ve come to the right place! This article will provide you with the latest updates and information about the long-awaited Single, Out season 2 and its possible premiere date. So, let’s get to work!

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What is Single, Out about?

Single, Out is a comedy drama series that follows the life of Adam, a young man making his way through life after his first sexual experience. The series beautifully captures Adam’s journey as he juggles his job, his passion for art and his new relationships while coming to terms with leaving his single life behind.

Will Single, Out have Season 2?

Yes, there will be a Season 2 of Single, Out. The news has been announced by digital media, where, the producers of the series, have made known that the story has been well received by the public, and the creators have decided to continue Adam’s story in a second season.

Single Out season 2 release date

Single Out season 2: Premiere date

Although the exact premiere date for Single, Out Season 2 is not yet confirmed, it is expected to premiere at some point in 2024. This estimate is based on the production schedule of the first season.

Where to watch Single, Out

Single, Out can be watched streaming on various platforms depending on your location. In Latin America, Spain and the United States, the series is available on Netflix.


The cast of Single, Out includes a talented ensemble of actors who bring the characters to life. Here are some of the main cast members:

  • Will Hutchins as Adam
  • Steven Christou as Clayton
  • Ryan Stewart as Marco
  • Joel Nankervis as Ethan
  • Julie-Anna Evans as Mom
  • Adam Mountain as Josh
  • Jake Hyde as Gabe
  • Grant Young as Dylan

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