Solo Leveling will have Season 2?„ÄźRelease Date„ÄĎ

Are you a fan of Solo Leveling and impatiently waiting for its second season? You’re in the right place! This article will offer you the latest news and information about Solo Leveling Season 2, what could be its premiere date and where it is possible to watch the series. So, let’s get to work!

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Solo Leveling is an anime based on one of South Korea’s top webcomics. The story follows Jinwoo Sung, an E-ranked hunter known as the weakest of mankind. Despite the hardships, Jinwoo Sung takes risks on every raid in order to pay his mother’s hospital bills, his sister’s tuition and stay afloat in a world full of dungeons and supernatural beings.

Technical Data

Anime NameNumber of SeasonsGenresProduction StudioSeason Release DateManga Release Date
Solo Leveling1Action, Fantasy, AdventureA-1 PicturesJanuary 2024December 2021

Will Solo Leveling have Season 2?

Solo Leveling Season 1 was based on Chugong and Dubu’s webcomic, which ended in December 2021. Although not officially confirmed, there is enough source material for a second season.

Solo Leveling season 2 release date

Solo Leveling season 2: Premiere date

Although no official date has been announced, Solo Leveling Season 2 is expected to premiere sometime in 2024. Given the popularity of the anime and the positive reviews it has received, there is a high probability of a new season.

Where to watch Solo Leveling?

Solo Leveling is available to watch on the streaming platform Crunchyroll.


This article is just an overview of what we can expect from Solo Leveling second Season. For more detailed information and updates, be sure to follow the official anime news.

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