Will The Crown have Season 7?

Are you a fan of the acclaimed Netflix series? If so, you’re probably anxiously awaiting news about the possible Season 7 of The Crown. Well, you’re in the right place! This article will delve into the latest updates and speculations about the future of this beloved series. So, let’s get to it!

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The Crown Plot

The Crown is a historical drama series that follows the reign of Queen Elizabeth II. The series begins with a look at the beginning of the reign of the Queen, who ascended the throne at the age of 25 following the death of her father, King George VI. As the decades pass, it reveals personal intrigues, romances and political rivalries that played a major role in the events that shaped the final years of the 20th century.

Will The Crown have Season 7?

At the moment, there is no official confirmation about a Season 7 of The Crown, in fact, several media outlets confirm that the producers of the series stated that the sixth installment of the series will be the last of them.

The Crown has been a hit since its debut in 2016, providing viewers with some of the most thrilling drama ever seen on television. So there will not be a seventh season of The Crown.

However, it is important to note that this information could change, and fans should keep an eye out for updates from official sources.

The Crown season 7 release date

The Crown season 7: Release Date

If we were to speculate based on the production schedule of the first season, a possible Season 7 could arrive in 2024. However, this is purely speculative and unconfirmed. The premiere date will ultimately depend on when and if production of the new season begins.

Where to watch

The Crown is a Netflix original series, so you can watch it streaming on Netflix in Latin America, Spain and the United States.


The cast of The Crown has changed every two seasons to better portray the characters as they age. These are some of the main cast members from previous seasons:

  • Queen Elizabeth II: Claire Foy (seasons 1 and 2), Olivia Colman (seasons 3 and 4), Imelda Staunton (seasons 5 and 6).
  • Prince Philip, Duke of Edinburgh: Matt Smith (Seasons 1 and 2), Tobias Menzies (Seasons 3 and 4), Jonathan Pryce (Seasons 5 and 6).
  • Princess Margaret: Vanessa Kirby (Seasons 1 and 2), Helena Bonham Carter (Seasons 3 and 4), Lesley Manville (Seasons 5 and 6).

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