The Lovers will have Season 2?„ÄźRelease Date„ÄĎ

Are you a fan of The Lovers and eagerly waiting for the next season? You’re in the right place! This article will provide you with the latest updates and speculations about The Lovers season 2, its possible premiere date, where to watch the series and more. So, let’s get to work!

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The Lovers is a romantic comedy set in Belfast, starring Roisin Gallagher and Johnny Flynn as Janet and Seamus, two completely different individuals who are attracted to each other. Janet, a foul-mouthed supermarket worker, and Seamus, a self-centered political broadcaster, prove that sometimes love can show up in the wrong place.

Will The Lovers have Season 2?

For now, there is no official announcement about the second season of The Lovers. However, the first season ended with a cliffhanger, hinting at a possible second season. Fans are eagerly waiting for confirmation of The Lovers Season 2.

The Lovers season 2 release date

The Lovers season 2: Premiere date

If The Lovers were to return for a second season, it could potentially reach us in mid to late 2025. This estimate is based on how long it took to finish the first season.

Where to watch The Lovers?

The Lovers is available on Sky Atlantic and NOW in the UK. For viewers in Australia, the series is available on Binge. As for viewers in Latin America, Spain and the United States, the series could be available on popular streaming platforms such as Netflix, Disney , HBO Max or Amazon Prime Video, but the exact platforms are yet to be confirmed.


Here is the list of the main cast members of The Lovers:

  • Johnny Flynn as Seamus
  • Roisin Gallagher as Janet
  • Alice Eve as Frankie
  • Conleth Hill as Philip
  • Simon Paisley Day as Tim.
  • Evelyn Miller as Ndidi
  • Jenn Murray as Gemma

stay tuned for more updates on The Lovers season two! We’ll keep this article updated as soon as any official news is announced. Until then, keep your fingers crossed and stay excited!

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