Will The Vanishing Triangle have Season 2?„ÄźRelease Date„ÄĎ

Are you a fan of the gripping Irish series The Vanishing Triangle? If so, you’re probably anxiously awaiting news about a possible second season. This article will delve into the latest updates and speculations about The Vanishing Triangle season 2, its possible premiere date, where to watch and more. So, let’s get to it!

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The Vanishing Triangle is a six-part Irish series inspired by true events. The series revolves around Lisa Wallace, an investigative journalist determined to solve the mystery of her mother’s murder and the subsequent disappearances of young women in Ireland.

Will The Vanishing Triangle have Season 2?

At the moment, AMC has not renewed The Vanishing Triangle for a second season. However, this could change if there is positive feedback from viewers and encouragement from the creators and audience.

The Vanishing Triangle season 2 release date

The Vanishing Triangle season 2: Premiere date

Given that the first season premiered in October 2023, and taking into account the typical production schedule for a TV series, we could expect a possible second season to premiere around the same time the following year, if renewed, i.e. late 2024. However, this is purely speculative, as no official announcement has yet been made.

Where to watch The Vanishing Triangle?

The Vanishing Triangle can be seen on SundanceNow in the United States. In Spain, it is available on AMC . For viewers in Latin America, the availability of the series on specific platforms is yet to be confirmed.


The main cast of The Vanishing Triangle includes:

  • India Mullen as Lisa Wallace
  • Allen Leech as David Burkely
  • Aaron Monaghan as Gareth Brennan
  • Laoise Sweeney as Susan Reynolds
  • Derbhle Crotty as Barbara Adams

For a complete cast list, see the source.

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